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Florock can be a leading supplier of concrete floor coatings that enhance safety, hygiene, and appearance facilities. Installations in North Texas, many in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Allen, Celina, Mckinney, Frisco, Plano, Little Elm, The Colony, and Lewisville, have become a typical offering for brand new and brand new homes. Rely on our wide variety of epoxy flooring to protect your concrete floors for years to come. In addition, various industries utilize our extensive line of high-performance flooring systems for various commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. We Make Concrete Coatings Commercial epoxy floor coatings are desirable for rooms such as offices, warehouses, bathrooms, commercial kitchens, and more.

Contrary to popular belief, epoxy floor coating projects are not an easy DIY task. Off-the-shelf products often lack the strength and sturdiness to protect your floors in the future adequately and can sometimes begin to peel, flake, or discolor within a couple of short months, especially if not enough prep work was done on the surface.

With We Do Concrete Coatings DFW, you have the assurance of a high-quality commercial epoxy flooring product installed by highly trained and experienced floor coating professionals. In addition, we don’t cut corners in the prep work, providing a clean, smooth surface for your floor coatings to adhere to every time.

We Do Concrete Coatings is synonymous with exposure and professional treatment in every aspect, understanding that someone, especially our customers, is watching.

From how you answer the phone, greet or shake someone’s hand, to how you wear your uniform.

We strive for five-star reviews and work to provide the high-quality service that deserves that 5-star rating.

With 24-hour installation and lifetime warranties, we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied. You’ll find us for commercial and industrial epoxy flooring, concrete staining, concrete resurfacing, and more! Our residential and commercial epoxy floor coating is available in over 140 colors at only $4 per square foot. Our 24-hour installation and lifetime warranty make the deal even better.

Transform any commercial floor with beautiful, resilient epoxy flooring from We Do Concrete Coatings. We provide premium products with exceptional service for all your commercial flooring needs. Our experts focus on installation and merchandise matching for any commercial space.

Perfect Commercial Spaces for Epoxy Floors

Hospitals are known to detect tons of wear and tear over the years with the staggering amount of people they put through. Cheap laminate floors can’t handle the amount and are subject to chipping, cracking, and wearing out quickly. Epoxy floors provide a durable floor that will have hallways that are perfect for hospitals.


Showrooms are meant to be beautiful to create a lasting memory for your customers. Epoxy floors provide a stunning shine that says, “look at me!” In addition, our lifetime warranty ensures that your floor will always look its best.

Industrial Mechanical Rooms.

Mechanical rooms can see tons of injuries from the use of heavy machinery or chemical staining. Our epoxy floor not only protects against abrasion and surface chipping but also provides a sealed floor that protects against chemical stains, making it the right choice for any mechanical room.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens can see tons of food, oil, and other spills from everyday use. Epoxy floors protect against all spills, including stains from oils, water, or other food products. Epoxy floors also provide a non-slip, antimicrobial surface that is perfect for kitchen use.

Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary clinics see tons of traffic from both humans and animals, so it is important to have slip-resistant and microbial flooring with protective qualities. Epoxy flooring can be an excellent choice to provide a hygienic and safe floor for your clinic.

Affordable options with a variety

We do concrete overlay DFW floors start at just $4 per square foot because we understand the high costs of construction/renovation. We also understand how important it is to decide on a color/design. We are proud to offer samples of over 100 different colors/designs that are provided during your free on-site estimate.

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