Garage Floor Coating

The garage floor coating offered at We Do CC DFW is extremely impervious to all types of materials.

We Do Concrete Coatings DFW, located in Dallas, Fort Worth, focuses on providing industrial-grade epoxy flooring that will transform garages of all shapes and sizes. We are the local expert in delivering high-quality coatings that look sleek and polished but are durable enough to stand up to the elements for years to come. Whether it’s water, chemicals, abrasion, or impact, our coating will maintain its durability. Plus, the floor covering is sure to provide a gorgeous decorative finish. So to complement your garage design with a garage floor coating that exceeds all expectations.

Our garage floor covering offers superior durability and strength compared to other flooring alternatives.

Whether you’re concerned about chemical stains, surface abrasion, or chipping, an epoxy coating will maintain durability year after year. Plus, to this day, an epoxy coating will provide a smooth, glossy surface that is sure to leave your space looking beautiful.

At We Do Concrete Coatings DFW, we understand that our customers use their garages in different ways. We also recognize that wear and tear from cars, tools, heat, and sand can cause floors to chip and crack. Tire marks and stains can also make your garage look dirty or worn, no matter how often you clean it.

Part of the reason the cracks and stains that appear are so difficult to remedy is that uncoated concrete is highly porous. These pores trap stains and cause damages to expand rapidly, making it very difficult to keep your floors looking fresh.

The best way to avoid this is often to use an industrial grade epoxy floor coating that can create a protective seal over the concrete. This coating will prevent stains from sticking and is tough enough to prevent chips and cracks caused by harsh Dallas heat, tools, equipment, or vehicles. Once applied, you’ll use your garage as intended and with the peace of mind that your floors will look sleek and polished regardless of what you throw at them.

While it will be tempting to use an inexpensive DIY option, it’s essential to understand that a successful epoxy application is not as easy as it sounds. Applying epoxy coating is somewhat difficult and time-consuming, and as a result, the coating may not be very durable. Is it essential to spend hours and hours applying a coating, only to redo it again for a year or two?

Let the expert installers at We Do Concrete Coatings DFW do the work if you want to remodel your garage and get the most straightforward return on your investment. in just a day or two, your garage will look new and be tough enough to stand up to the elements and spills. We’re sure you’ll love the results, which is why our floors come with a lifetime warranty.

What is an epoxy coating?

Epoxy garage floor coating can be a thick resin made from a mixture of hardeners and resin. When these two compounds are bonded together, they create a tough material that protects against chips, dents, and fractures. Gone are the days of worrying about dropping a wrench or weight on the floor. Instead, our tough, resilient material is destined to protect them year after year. In addition, you won’t have to worry about damaging your floor using our premium blend of epoxies combined with a bonded material. In addition to the present, epoxy coatings drastically change the look of your room.

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

In addition to looking great and creating a durable floor that will last a lifetime, epoxy flooring offers many benefits. Benefits of epoxy flooring include:

  • Quick and easy installation over your existing floor
  • Easy to wash
  • It can be customized to have a unique finish
  • Custom designs can include walkways and markings
  • Provides a slip-resistant surface.
  • Resistant to chemical and oil stains.
  • Prevents chipping and cracking of existing concrete floors
  • Requires little or no maintenance

See more advantages of epoxy flooring here: Advantages of epoxy garage coating.

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