Metallic Epoxy Floor

Our experienced team of executives is here to help you with your epoxy metal flooring needs. We come to you with years of combined experience, as well as exceptional customer service. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, serving the North Texas area for years. So not only are we familiar with the world, but we are up to date on all the metal epoxy flooring options to bring your space to life.

Metallic epoxy flooring can be an excellent choice for a beautiful, durable floor that meets your performance needs. Metallic epoxy flooring is impervious to damage and can last for several years, and it also cleans thanks to its seamless design easily. If safety may be a concern, this flooring is also an excellent choice. In addition, metallic epoxy flooring can bring light into rooms thanks to its reflectivity and can provide slip resistance. There are many benefits to today’s flooring that make it perfect for various residential and commercial properties.

With all the advantages of metallic epoxy flooring, you will be stuck wondering where to place it. This metal flooring is ideal for garages, kitchens, and commercial properties.

In its residential use, epoxy metal flooring is ideal for garages and kitchens. It can give a smooth, professional finish and wipes clean, making it perfect for these areas. For commercial spaces, it is ideal for restaurant floors or office lobbies.

Metallic epoxy flooring inside the kitchen.

Metallic epoxy floor coverings are fantastic in kitchen spaces, thanks to their durability, cleanliness, and lovely designs. In addition, this flooring is immune to spills and can handle different cleaning solutions. Metallic epoxy floor coverings are stunning, with many colors available; these floors offer a unique and polished look to your home.

Epoxy Metal Garage Floors

We also offer garage epoxy metal flooring installation with their sleek design, stain resistance, and sturdiness. So whether you add a slip-resistant additive to your topcoat for a safe workspace or keep it smooth due to showroom flooring, this flooring is ideal for garages.

Metallic epoxy floor coatings for commercial and industrial spaces.

We also offer the installation of industrial and commercial metal-epoxy flooring. This metal-epoxy flooring is ideal for anywhere from office areas to living room floors. Easy to clean and with many designs to choose from, we have what suits your commercial needs.

Transform your space with our exceptional epoxy metal flooring services.

Resistant to wear and tear, our epoxy metal flooring is the perfect solution for your old and worn floors – call We Do Concrete Coatings DFW for more information on our epoxy metal flooring services!

Transform your space with our exceptional epoxy metal flooring services.

Resistant to wear and tear, our epoxy metal flooring is the perfect solution for your old and worn floors. Epoxy metal floors not only look great but also provide the performance of a traditional epoxy floor. With benefits such as anti-slip, anti-microbial, chipping and cracking injury prevention, chemical and stain resistance, these floors add a gorgeous finish with extreme durability. Our metallic floor is a 2-part epoxy with a gloss, and pigments are added to give it a metallic finish.

Benefits of a metallic epoxy floor
Quick and easy installation over your existing floor
Easy to wash
It can be customized to have a unique finish
Custom designs can include walkways and markings
Provides a slip-resistant surface
Resistant to chemical and oil stains.
Prevents chipping and cracking of existing concrete floors
Requires little or no maintenance
Best places for metal flooring

The bent metal floor backing gives your room an extra shine and sparkle. These metallic floors are unique for showrooms, car garages, restaurants, and galleries. Or, if you’re flashy and love design, this will be a fantastic addition to an area in your own home!

We Do Concrete Coatings DFW Lifetime Warranty


We Do Concrete Coating offers a lifetime warranty on all of our products. which means that if you discover a neighborhood that is not finished to your standard, we will be available and fix it free of charge. Our lifetime warranty also covers any dents, chips, or fractures that were not caused by a particularly large force (over 1000 pounds) falling on the floor.

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