Experienced Concrete Stain Contractors In Plano, TX

Concrete floors are popular options for both commercial and residential buildings. While concrete is a durable flooring option, it is also porous and can easily chip, stain, and even wear without the correct concrete sealer.

At We Do Concrete Coatings LLC, we specialize in providing the right concrete epoxy flooring options for your property. Home and business owners throughout Plano, TX, and surrounding locations know they can turn to us as a trusted concrete coating company.

As flooring experts, we offer professional concrete painters to complete each project. This includes smaller garages or ground floors in homes throughout the area as well as large commercial buildings, retail outlets, showrooms, or other types of buildings, venues, and facilities.

As experienced concrete stain contractors, we offer over 140 different options in colors, textures, and styles of epoxy flooring. In addition, we provide a lifetime warranty, one-day installation, and a free estimate on-site to get the project started.

Make Us Your Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Our epoxy flooring is designed to create just the look you want. Our base epoxy is gray or brown, and we offer a high gloss option that is durable and practical for any type of space. We also fully customize our garage floor epoxy coatings to provide our customers with the perfect match for their décor or style.

Add Dazzle With Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metal epoxy flooring is developed by adding metallic mica chips into the epoxy. The result is exceptionally high-gloss, uniquely patterned, and eye-catching flooring. This is perfect for kitchens, garages, showrooms, and retail outlets.

A Durable Garage Floor

Epoxy garage floor coating is the perfect option for home garages in Plano, TX. Epoxy is resistant to staining and tire wear, and it stands up to water, dirt, and even oil and fluid spills. Our variety of epoxy concrete paint provides just the look you want, from liquid metal to multi-colored flecks in the coating that are customized to your preferences.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Options

For industrial facilities as well as hospitals, grocery stores, and other similar high-traffic areas, epoxy flooring is the ideal solution. We Do Concrete Coatings LLC has extensive experience in large scale epoxy flooring projects, including creating different color options for traffic zones, safety warnings, and for directing people to the right areas in the facility.

Residential and commercial installation.

  • Free on-site estimates
  • One-day installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

No matter how big or small the project, make us your epoxy flooring contractors. For a free on-site estimate, call us today at 972-472-4662.